Server Setup Service

Starting at ₹2999
Just started with a cloud server and feeling lost? Don’t stress! Server Pundits is here to assist.

With our server setup service, we’ll configure your cloud server, optimise it for better performance and security, deploy your application along with the database, and provide round-the-clock maintenance and support.

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Server Setup Service – Features

Web Server
Tailored server configuration (Apache2/Nginx) based on specific requirements.
Support for one domain and one subdomain name.
Integration of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with automated renewal configuration.
Implementation of static asset caching, HTTP/3 and gzip configuration for enhanced page load speed.
Technology Stacks
Support for PHP, NodeJS, Apache Tomcat, and Python environments.
Initial support for configuring environment-specific settings.
Assisting in the initial deployment of applications.
Optimizing performance and security for specific technology stacks.
Database Support
Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases.
Database server security fine tuning.
Support for initial database import.
Database remote access configuration (Optional).
Configuring Fail2ban for enhanced SSH server security.
Operating system Firewall configuration.
Basic web server side security fine tuning.
SSL Cipher optimisation – TLS 1.2 & TLS 1.3.
Qualys SSL Labs A+ rating
Support for major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu & Debian.
Major cloud platform providers such as AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean are supported.
Option to further customise the server configuration.
Professional WordPress installation.
Add-ons (at extra cost)
Routine server maintenance service.
Installation of your preferred control panel.
CDN integration for faster content delivery.
CI/CD pipelines setup for automated deployments.
Initial application & database deployment.

Common Use Cases

A professional server setup service can save time, reduce errors, and ensure that servers are properly configured to meet specific needs and requirements.

E-Commerce Platforms

When a company wants to launch a website or web application, a server setup service can assist in configuring the web server, database, and necessary software to host the site.

Application Deployment

Whether it’s a custom business application or a third-party software, a server setup service can handle the installation, configuration, and optimization of the server environment to support the application.

Development & Staging Environments

Creating development and staging environments that mirror the production environment is essential for testing and development purposes. A server setup service can help create these environments.

Web Portal Hosting

When a company wants to launch a website or web application, a server setup service can assist in configuring the web server, database, and necessary software to host the site.

Cloud Migration

Businesses looking to migrate their applications or services to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud often seek server setup services to ensure a smooth and efficient migration process.

Dedicated Server Deployment

For resource-intensive applications, deploying dedicated servers might be necessary. A server setup service can handle the provisioning and setup of dedicated hardware.

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